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Business Partnership:
A Path to Success
for FP&A

New Survey Data from 150 FP&A Leaders in the U.S. Reveals Blockers and Opportunity

Brian Camposano

Founder & CEO, Stratify

Christian Wattig

FP&A expert

About the webinar

What to expect

Business partnership is a path to career-making impact, yet 45% of FP&A leaders struggle to make time for this high value work. Join us for a first look at new data that reveals who is struggling with business partnership and why. Experts Christian Wattig and Brian Camposano share ways to address the top blockers with best practices and technology.  

You will learn:

Insights from 150+ FP&A leaders. Discover common blockers and success factors. See how you compare.

Level up your finance skills and become an effective business partner.

How to use technology to reclaim time for partnership and facilitate collaboration.

All about business partnership as a career accelerator.

About the Data

Stratify commissioned an independent research firm to survey 150 midmarket FP&A leaders in the US, focusing on the current state of business partnership. This study, designed in collaboration with finance expert Christian Wattig, allows FP&A leaders to benchmark their business partnership status against their peers and get insights on how to improve.

The margin error for this study is +/-6.5% at the 95% confidence level.
Research conducted May 2024
The State of Business Partnership in FP&A
Research conducted May 2024
The State of Business Partnership in FP&A

Meet the Experts

Christian Wattig, FP&A Expert
Christian Wattig

Christian is an FP&A expert with 12+ years of experience at multinational companies and fast-growing tech start-ups. As an entrepreneur, he teaches FP&A skills and business partnering to finance teams through the Wharton School of Business and his own private practice.

Brian Camposano, CEO Stratify
Brian Camposano

Brian is Founder and CEO of Stratify, the FP&A platform for data-driven collaboration. Prior to founding Stratify, Brian was the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer at Docker. Brian has spent his entire career in finance, as an investment banker, an investor and an operating executive, and is passionate about empowering FP&A teams to be proactive drivers of business performance.

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