Solutions by role

See how everyone wins with Stratify


Gain the agility that you need, and foster strategic collaboration with your C-Suite peers.

Establish a single source of truth for decision-making. Access and monitor critical metrics in real-time.

Leverage a multi-entity view of the business for insights and analysis.

Improve the speed and accuracy of financial reports and forecasts while improving job satisfaction of your finance team.

Reduce cost. Unlike other midmarket solutions, efficiency gains go to your bottom line, not to implementation fees or ongoing professional services.

Head of FP&A

Streamline processes so your team can focus on strategic partnership and business performance.

Retain and develop your team by freeing them from tedious manual work.

Trust your data. Sync actuals data from ERP, HRIS and CRM in real-time.

Automate monthly reporting packages so the team has time for analysis.

Engage stakeholders across the business to improve alignment and accuracy of plans and forecasts

Run a coordinated, efficient budget process that eliminates version control issues.

Easily audit the team’s work with a change log.

Finance Managers & Analysts

Spend less time on manual tasks. Focus on strategic analysis and work seamlessly with your stakeholders.

Import data from various business apps quickly and reduce errors.

Effortlessly customize and update intuitive driver-based assumptions everyone can understand.

No more stale, disconnected spreadsheets.

No waiting for recalculation. Highly performant platform responds at lightspeed.

Easily solicit and coordinate input from multiple stakeholders.

Instantly run what-if scenarios to assist decision-makers in shaping business strategies.

HR & Recruiting

A single source of truth so you & Finance have the same view of your workforce.

Your HRIS system syncs with finance data in Stratify.

Quickly reconcile headcount and update workforce plans.

Align on hiring plan.

Forecast workforce scenarios and quickly see the impact so you can make data-driven decisions.

Get sensitive data out of spreadsheets and into a secure platform.

Budget Owners

Your numbers whenever you need them.

Get access to real-time reports and metrics yourself so you can make data-informed decisions. No waiting for Finance to get back to you.

Get month-end reports faster.

Offer your input to Finance in a streamlined, intuitive way.

Enterprise ready

Designed for scale


SOC 2, highest standards of data protection.


Consolidate GLs, plan & report on multiple dimensions.


Upgrade from spreadsheets to an efficient planning platform.


Model recalculation is done in seconds.


An FP&A expert ensures your success.

Access control

Share the right data to the right people.

Meet with a strategic FP&A expert

We’ll take the pain out of streamlining FP&A processes.