Accuracy & insights

financial reporting for faster, data-driven decisions

Focus on insights & engage the business

Get rid of manual processes, spend time on what matters most.


Accuracy, confidence that comes from a single source of truth.

Consolidate financial data

Automated, dependable and timely review of financial performance.

Insights at your fingertips

Get answers, make decisions.

Engage stakeholders

Easily share financial reports and get feedback

Share insights with business partners and dialogue for fast alignment.

Automated, real-time reporting

Effortlessly uncover & share insights in your data

Workforce Planning

Streamline workforce reporting with a few clicks.

Slice key workforce metrics by any dimension

Keep the organization up to date on the hiring plan

Monitor long-term trends in your workforce

Uncover opportunities to optimize your workforce

Finance Planning

Streamline financial reporting and analysis with just a few clicks.

Budget variance analysis and more are auto-generated with real-time data

Simple to compare data from any scenario or actuals

Dive into the line-level details driving your financial results

Keep stakeholders focused on what matters most

Automated Finance dashboard

“Now department heads can understand their actual spend vs budget. This visibility helps our business keep spending on track.”

Tina Lai

Finance Manager | Spotnana

Excel-like option

Flexibility of spreadsheet-based FP&A reporting

Leverage your team's skillset with the power of integrated, real-time data. Craft custom reports or import existing formats.

Financial and workforce data are seamlessly integrated into reports you create.

Tailor reports for various stakeholders. Visualize insights.

Easily share reports. Use commenting to dialogue and drive alignment.

Deliver critical data faster

Produce your month-end financial reporting packages in minutes

Pixel perfect corporate financial reporting, completely customizable for the needs of your business. Automatically populated with your finance and workforce data in real-time.

Empower the business with self-service access to FP&A data

Enterprise ready

Designed for scale


SOC 2, highest standards of data protection.


Consolidate GLs, plan & report on multiple dimensions.


Upgrade from spreadsheets to an efficient planning platform.


Model recalculation is done in seconds.


An FP&A expert ensures your success.

Access control

Share the right data to the right people.

Meet with a strategic FP&A expert

We’ll take the pain out of streamlining FP&A processes.