Easy data administration

Spend less time managing data

Unlimited dimensions & hierarchies

Structure reporting and plans in ways that are relevant to the business.

Consolidate GLs

Multiple general ledger sources are combined for fast, unified, big picture reporting.

Data import mapping

Stop wasting time on cleaning every month.


Errors happen. Quickly find and restore deleted data.

Multiple hierarchies

Hierachies that make sense to the business.

Establish hierarchies for planning and reporting that are distinct from your GL structure. Create others for new business scenarios.

Drag and drop to modify hierarchies

Imports from systems of record never overwrite your saved hierarchies.

Budget vs Actual Report
Unlimited dimensions

Drive operational performance with more relevant plans

Report and plan using any accounting segment or planning category, such as entity, vendor, location, customer or product.

Easily create forecast drivers using a point and click approach. No need to modify any underlying scripts, aggregations or formulas.

Enterprise ready

Designed for scale


SOC 2, highest standards of data protection.


Consolidate GLs, plan & report on multiple dimensions.


Upgrade from spreadsheets to an efficient planning platform.


Model recalculation is done in seconds.


An FP&A expert ensures your success.

Access control

Share the right data to the right people.

Meet with a strategic FP&A expert

We’ll take the pain out of streamlining FP&A processes.