Accelerate planning

Operational Expense Planning


Get rid of manual processes, spend time on what matters most.


Confidence that comes from connected systems and a single source of truth.

Integrated planning

Changes propagate across all plans.

Collaborate effectively

Engage your business stakeholders in planning.

Bottoms-up plan

Easy vendor-based expense planning

Assumptions everyone can understand

Powerful, yet simple modeling framework. No complex formulas.

No need for consultants

Streamlined, efficient modeling is in your hands. Customize assumptions with a few clicks.

No more formula errors

Precisely configure to your needs, no disconnected spreadsheets to maintain.


Always know who made what change when.

Collaborative budgeting

Engage business

Assign & track tasks. Budget owners can easily contribute assumptions in business language–no more emailing spreadsheets. Comment in-app for fast alignment.

“Planning at the vendor level helps me understand where a spending increase is coming from, and to deliver useful reports to departments. “

Tina Lai

Finance Manager | Spotnana

Save time

Quickly produce a rolling forecast

Analyze variance to plan on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

No spreadsheet manipulation. Stratify automatically joins latest actuals with plan data in all forecast reports.

Plan for any outcome

Scenario building is a breeze

Always know the answer to “what if”.

Create unlimited financial scenarios.

No worries about breaking your model.

Move fast and compare plans against each other.

Changes propagate, plans are in sync

Save time and improve accuracy with integrated plans

No more disconnected spreadsheets. Changes in the workforce plan drive changes in the operational expense plan. No need to account for implications separately.

Enterprise ready

Designed for scale


SOC 2, highest standards of data protection.


Consolidate GLs, plan & report on multiple dimensions.


Upgrade from spreadsheets to an efficient planning platform.


Model recalculation is done in seconds.


An FP&A expert ensures your success.

Access control

Share the right data to the right people.

Meet with a strategic FP&A expert

We’ll take the pain out of streamlining FP&A processes.