Continuous Strategic Planning

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Financial Planning

Familiar spreadsheet interface with a massive formula library.
Non-Workforce Expense Planning
Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Forecasting
Capital Expense Planning

Workforce Planning

Stratify Workforce Planning enables teams to coordinate while planning for and managing their largest expense item and most critical asset - their people. WATCH A DEMO

headcount planning

Hire the right people, at the right time, and at the right cost.

payroll expense planning

Forecast detailed payroll expense costs for current and future positions.

planned position reconciliation

Reconcile your planned positions to hired positions through seamless integration with applicant tracking systems and human capital management systems.

operations capacity modeling

Leverage your workforce data as an input for sales and operational models to create comprehensive, connected plans for the whole company.

Sales Planning

Stratify Sales Planning provides a collaborative workspace where cross-functional teams can align on forecast assumptions, track real-time performance metrics and analyze multiple what-if scenarios.

Stratify’s configurable business logic supports multiple approaches to sales forecasting. Leverage your workforce data to build a bottom-up, capacity-based sales forecast, or set high level targets for new customers in a given period. Track performance in real-time and adjust assumptions to create and maintain an accurate sales capacity forecast.

Set assumptions on product pricing, contract terms, and revenue recognition schedules to turn your bottom-up sales forecast into an accurate revenue forecast.

Forecast key performance indicators like ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) and NRR (Net Revenue Retention) by setting assumptions on customer renewal, expansion, and churn rates. Then adjust your assumptions by comparing your forecast to actual performance by customer cohort.

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