The Path to Strategic Finance

Brian Camposano

The role of the CFO has been in a continuous state of transition over the past years -- from transactional to strategic, driving critical insights through analysis of disparate data.  Core areas of responsibility including paying employees and vendors, collecting payments from customers, maintaining the books and records, and orchestrating an annual budget process, have expanded to include defining KPIs, integrating systems and synthesizing data to calculate those KPIs, and partnering with key stakeholders across the company to interpret analysis, identify opportunities and challenges, and implement change to optimize financial and operational performance. 

Despite the significance of this shift, most Finance organizations do not have the necessary tools or resources to address these new areas of responsibility.  The problem is exacerbated due to the proliferation of SaaS applications that help to automate and optimize functions across the organization.  There are endless streams of data on which to base business decisions, but none of these software products integrate with each other and none of the data flows from one product to another.  In many cases the work is getting done, but due to the highly manual nature of acquiring, scrubbing and structuring the data, there is limited bandwidth to be proactive and thoughtful about the output of the analysis.  

Stratify enables CFOs to focus on the strategic side of their role.  With native integrations to core systems of record (General Ledger, CRM, HRIS, Spend Management, AP Automation), and real-time analysis of data to calculate KPIs, the finance team is able to spend time analyzing data versus preparing it.  Further, through role-based collaboration and persona-specific dashboards, Stratify democratizes access for key stakeholders to real-time data and insights.  Armed with this data, P&L owners are able to make decisions in real-time, pivoting operations based on the current business dynamics versus waiting for weeks after a reporting period has closed to finally understand business performance and effect change.  

Beyond enabling real-time business decisions, automated analysis of data from disparate sources is a critical foundation for budgeting.  Stratify enables a software-defined workflow for collaborative budgeting and forecasting, allowing the proactive participation of key stakeholders across the business through an engagement paradigm we call Tasks.

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