Announcing the release of Stratify Workforce Planning

Brian Camposano

Today marks an important day in our mission to build the next-generation strategic finance application. 

Stratify is pleased to announce the release of Stratify Workforce Planning, a real-time and collaborative planning and analytics solution for companies to manage current & planned headcount and all workforce-related expenses. Leveraging Stratify’s best-in-class, configurable planning models, Strategic Finance teams can collaborate with Human Resources teams and their business partners to build their workforce plan, and then reconcile it with real-time headcount data from human resource information systems (HRIS) and applicant tracking systems (ATS).

Workforce expenses comprise approximately 70% of a company’s operating costs, and until now the process for planning and managing this spend has been largely offline and disconnected. Strategic Finance teams spend significant time preparing, maintaining and sharing spreadsheets containing highly sensitive employee data, and manually managing a planning workflow that touches every part of an organization.  With workforce changes happening at unprecedented rates, these plans must be frequently updated and painstakingly reconciled to understand current headcount and forecast future spend. 

As experienced finance professionals, we couldn’t find a solution that comprehensively addressed these workforce planning challenges, so we leaned into this uniquely important problem and built it ourselves. We provide a complete and coordinated workforce planning experience for all stakeholders across the business, and save finance professionals countless hours trying to reconcile headcount across disconnected spreadsheets, systems, and teams.

We invite you to learn more here.

Warm regards, 
Brian + Nate

Brian Camposano, CEO + Founder, Stratify Technologies
Nate Skelton, VP Product, Stratify Technologies

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