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Collaborative Tasks and workflows

Make planning a team effort


Stratify simplifies the planning process for non-finance stakeholders by abstracting away complex spreadsheet models into simple forms called “tasks”. Tasks can be assigned to users to complete and follow an approval workflow before being merged into Finance’s plan.

Configurable Business Planning Models

Best-in-class model templates

Stratify models come packaged with highly configurable business logic. Instead of another blank canvas modeling platform, Stratify is an EPM solution ready for you to populate your business’ data and assumptions, and start generating forecasts and analysis on day one.

Coordinated Scenario Planning

What-if scenarios to plan in a changing environment.

Using our driver-based business planning models, users can collaborate on changes to inputs and assumptions to see the effect on the entire organization and allow downstream teams to react to strategic changes.

reports & dashboards

Real time visibility into financials across your organization

Stratify reports and dashboards enable users to access financial and operational data in a fast, flexible and intuitive interface.

data connections

All your data in one place

Spend less time managing your data and more time analyzing and providing value to your organization.

Native connectors fro business management and operations systems

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