Product Updates, October 2021

Chris Rivard

In order to provide deeper insight into your Sales pipeline, we’ve released 2 new reports, Sales Pipeline Summary and Sales Pipeline Details. Additionally, we’ve rolled out a comprehensive Bookings Dashboard to provide a heads up view of the state of your sales motions.

Sales Pipeline

Our Sales Pipeline reports allow you to filter opportunities by stage with targets from your active plan. View key performance indicators around average sales price, open opportunities by type and Pipeline Coverage Ratio. The Pipeline Details report provides line-item level details on each open opportunity.

Bookings Dashboard

Along with our Financials Dashboard, the new Bookings Dashboard allows you to monitor key performance indicators around Bookings and ARR. You can track actual Bookings versus plan and view bookings by opportunity type, product, and lead source.

With these new reports and dashboard, key stakeholders across your organization can stay coordinated with your Sales team and ensure all are on track to attain their goals for the quarter.

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